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Estimating Your Move

A Few Important Notes About Pricing…

All Moves vary based on the services provided and unique circumstances, such as:

  • Packing and/or unpacking services desired
  • Special handling or crating of items such as hot tubs, pianos, pool tables, glass tabletops, artwork, etc.
  • Valuation selections made by the shipper…be sure to ask your Move Consultant about these options
  • Additional stops needed to pick-up or drop-off items
  • Characteristics of the property (e.g.: the number of floors/levels; access to hallways, sidewalks and stairs; trees and neighborhood restrictions that may limit truck size or access; other obstacles affecting the time needed to complete the move)
  • Items that you change your mind about taking or not taking


Local Moves

Local Moves are those within our area of southwest Florida.

A standard local estimate is based primarily on the number of hours and the size of the crew needed to accomplish the job, in addition to the variables listed above. The actual cost will be figured when the job is complete. In contrast, a flat rate is when a mover guarantees specific items to be moved for a specific price. It means that day-of-the-move changes may result in additional charges.

Long Distance

Long Distance Moves have origins or destinations beyond southwest Florida.

Estimates for long distance moves are primarily based on the weight of the shipment and the distance between origin and destination, in addition to the variables listed above. They may be figured in any one of three ways: A conventional estimate means that the final price will be based on the actual weight of the shipment once the truck has been weighed before and after pick up. A binding estimate indicates a guaranteed price that will be charged regardless of the actual weight. A customer benefit estimate provides a binding price but may be lowered if the shipment weighs less than estimated.

Choosing the right mover is vital to making a successful move, so be sure to consider…

Experience: Our office has served the greater Venice area for more than 48 years and, on average, our movers boast 10 years of individual experience.

Reliability: Our record for arriving within the timeframe stated by our Move Consultants is outstanding, and we have a coordinator available throughout the day.

Services: We strive to provide everything needed to make your move the best, including: expert packing & crating; concierge services; unpacking; special equipment; a full fleet of trucks; convenient storage and more!

Management: You know how much we value your business by how we run ours…with a hands-on owner involved in daily operations and a team of customer service specialists.

Reputation: Expert service to our customers and a commitment to local civic & non-profit organizations rewards us with many confident referrals from past customers and area business people.

Fair Pricing: An on-site survey with one of our Move Consultants is the best way to discuss your service needs & options and obtain a competitive estimate.

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